I think I’m becoming a minimalist..

Pinterest where would I be without you? Althoug63d4dcdd2e700207440873cf41297581h I do not currently own my own house, I get so excited by strolling through Pinterest’s Home Decor tag, making plans and refining my taste for the far-off future when I will hopefully have enough money, and an actual house, to realise all these fantasies.

And my most recent love has been for minimalist home designs. With a touch of boho here and there. I love how it opens up the space and the cleanliness it conveys.

My staples include neutral shades (lots of whites, greys and blacks) and terrariums… I am in love with terrariums!

I am in love with terrariums!


Loving this touch of boho


Alas, I am currently not in possession of a house to express this creativity. I have, however, made steps towards giving my bedroom a more minimalist feel. I’ve spent hours decluttering, tidying drawers, putting away clothes I don’t wear, clearing surfaces. It is so refreshing to be in this space now. I find tidiness extremely calming.

I think the concept of minimalism goes deeper than interior design. It’s a lifestyle. As I’ve been decluttering my wardrobe, I’ve also been decluttering my mind. Identifying and ending toxic relationships and reflecting on who I am as a person and what makes me happy. I find this state of mindfulness and awareness extremely healthy, it helps me to express more gratitude in my life and avoid stresses too.

If you’re someone who thrives in an orderly environment, I encourage you to give it a go. Put on some energetic music (a personal recommendation:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdceHLurO50&index=4&list=LLQCDeKXQM-cnyWPZhk-Dxwg) and have a massive clear out of your room.

Hope x







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