Smokey Eye Look: New Year’s Party

FullSizeRender-30Hey guys! I’d like to share with you my smokey eye makeup look, perfect for a new year’s celebration. Unlike my last makeup tutorial, this one is all about the eyes. Enjoy!

FullSizeRender-12I started with foundation and concealer. I used a lighter foundation on my cheekbones, forehead and down my nose, and a slightly darker one under my cheekbones, on my temples and the sides of my nose. This gives a bit of a contoured effect when you blend it out. I put some concealer under my eyes and on my blemishes.

FullSizeRender-13Then bronzer and highlighter! I don’t tend to use blush as my cheeks are naturally quite pink, but you could add some here if you like. I swept a little bronzer under my cheekbones, along my jaw and temples. I then used my finger to dab highlighter (or white eyeshadow also works well!!) on my cheekbones, brow bones and down my nose. This gives more shape to my face.FullSizeRender-14.jpgBrows! I lightly went over my eyebrows with a pencil and brushed them into place. I like to use a white eyeshadow to outline them, and then blend out the line to make them more defined. FullSizeRender-16For eyeshadow, I started with a gold tone over my whole eyelids. Then I blended some black eyeliner pencil on the outer corners of my lash line. To give a smokey effect, I blended some dark brown eyeshadow into the crease and over the outer corner of my eyelid. I added some white eyeliner pencil to the inner corner to brighten up my eyes. Makeup like this will make your eyes appear further apart. If you want them to look closer together, use a darker tone in the middle and a lighter shade on the outsides. Finish off with a coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.FullSizeRender-32All that’s needed now is a touch of nude lipstick and voila 🙂 I’m wearing an ivory lace dress with my Zara “leather” jacket. FullSizeRender-31Let me know what you thought of this makeup look, and if you would like to see some more! I love you all, have an amazing day, and happy new year!

Hope x


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