Shattered Glass

As I kneel here among the shattered glass,

Frantically attempting to piece together shards,

I know that even if these falling tears from my eyes,

Blood from my hands and aching from my heart,

Were as strong as glue,

The window would never again look as perfect as yesterday.

Although you took the swing to shatter this glass,

Through which your face I could once see,

I know it is my own fault that I kneel here now,

Sparkling splinters covering me.


For all these years I did not know,

That this window’s view,

Looked very different on this side for me,

Than it did for you.


Yes I know deep down that my attempts to rebuild,

This connection we had is but futile,

There’s a gap in my heart that your smile once filled,

So I’ll kneel in this glass all the while.


I just want you to know of the guilt I feel,

That the joy we once had is now gone,

Yet what connection a life without glass would reveal,

Is something I could never take on.


Do not cry my friend, I ask of you,

For it is not from you that I flee,

But how could I ever put my trust in you,

When I cannot put my trust in me?


This glass was here for a reason,

It could not be removed, though you’ve tried,

It’s my fortress, my transparent castle,

The protection behind which I hide.


Though I may appear strong I am weak,

This smile I wear will not last,

So don’t say I’m the one that you seek,

I’m a wreck. Kneeling in glass.

Hi guys. I wrote this quick poem a few days ago to reflect on a current situation I’m in. People walk around with a pane of glass separating them from the world, from others. This glass is transparent, and so friendships can exist between people through a glass layer. But if someone wants to come closer, it can be really tough, and can lead to pain and damage. Sometimes we need to take a step back and understand why the glass is there in the first place.

Hope x


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