Body Language: How to tell if someone likes you

Countdown to Christmas: 11

body_language_gestureAs someone with a keen interest in psychology, I love being able to analyse what’s going on in someone’s mind from their body language. We’re often much less in control of our non-verbal communication than we’d like to think. This list should help you to understand and connect with others better, as well as giving you tips to influence the way you’re coming across to others, be it more confident, more open or more attractive. Be aware that body language can differ from person to person and depends on the situation!

If a person likes you, they will…

  • Have dilated pupils (a sign they are engaged and observing something pleasing)
  • Glance sideways with raised eyebrows (a submissive and friendly gesture)
  • Display their open palms (a sign of honestly) 
  • Place their head on their open hands (a sign of admiration)
  • Sit with both feet pointing towards you (people have very little control of leg and feet movements where body language is concerned. The feet will be pointing towards where the person wants to go)
  • Cross and uncross their legs frequently (especially women) 
  • Smile with their head tilted down and eyes looking up to you (shows they are attracted to you) 
  • Laugh often (a way to bond and disperse tension) 
  • Yawn (this builds a connection and avoids aggression) 
  • Mirror your body position or breathing pattern

If a person doesn’t like you, they will…

  • Have constricted pupils
  • Fold their arms (demonstrating lack of trust or feeling of vulnerability. Bare in mind, they might just be resting this way!) 
  • Place their drink on the opposite side of the hand they’re drinking with (showing that they feel uncomfortable)
  • Jiggle feet (feeling uncomfortable) 
  • Cross their legs with the knees pointing away from you (a closed-off position) 
  • Turn the chair around and sit with the back in front of them (using the chair as a shield, planning on dominating you) 

Let me know if you found this interesting and can recognise yourself displaying any of these gestures! Would you guys be interested in seeing more of these? Let me know!

Merry Christmas!

Hope x









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