DIY Christmas Gifts

Countdown to Christmas: 10

Stuck for ideas for a sentimental (perhaps inexpensive) gift for a friend or family member? I have scoured Pinterest for some gorgeous creative DIY projects that I’m sure anyone would be grateful to receive!


What a cute way to display a small gift like necklace or pair of earrings? I think this looks super adorable and also very easy to make.


I’m definitely going to have a go making this cute origami Santas to decorate my gift tags this Christmas! How sweet!


This one requires a bit more skill, but looks so gorgeous. I’m a massive fan of Indian henna designs. I think these would be lovely ornaments, or vases with a single flower.


This is very simple, but a really nice gift. Especially for your mum, if she’s like mine and is always losing her shopping list!


How cute and festive?! These would look so lovely on the tree if you can find a place to buy the empty baubles.


I’ve made many candles before, but never in a shell! These would look really nice as bathroom decorations I find.


This bracelet would be a lovely gift for a friend or sister, so simple but looks really pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this little selection of DIY gift inspirations, to see more check out my Pinterest (

See you tomorrow with another post! Merry Christmas ❤

Hope x


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