Being a Christian at Christmas

Countdown to Christmas: 9

8586a64e4d0af34a673a81c81bc39319What’s it like? Annoying? Embarrassing? Awesome?

I’m lying in bed looking outside at the dark street and burning my delicious Yankie Vanilla Lime candle (one of the best smells EVER, would really recommend!) and I’d like to share with you what it’s like to be a Christian at this time of the year. Perhaps you are too, and can relate, or perhaps not and you’re curious to find out. Either way, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Is it annoying that non-Christians celebrate Christmas?

Not at all! I actually think it’s great. Sure, a lot of the Christmas traditions have lost their Christian meaning, but I see this season as a great opportunity as people are generally more open to hearing about Christianity.

What’s it like to have such a large focus on Christianity at this time of the year?

It can be good and bad. My school is very religion-sensitive, but I’ve had many opportunities over the past few weeks to share my views in a non-pushy way. It can also be tough sometimes. I find that being disrespectful towards Christians is so much more accepted in this culture than offending other religious groups. People joke and mock the Bible, which I mostly try to ignore and shrug off, but it can hurt. I will stay strong in my values, and I don’t try to push my beliefs onto others. Standing on a street corner shouting at passers-by that they’re going to hell is not a good strategy at all. I’m not ashamed to talk about my faith, but on the whole I try to let my actions and attitudes be a testimony. When someone is outrightly disrespectful to something that plays such an important role in my life, it can really hurt. (Sorry, I know I’m venting a bit!)

There are many branches of Christianity, and as people are more open to learning about it during this time, I find it important to give them an accurate idea of what it’s truly like for me. Life isn’t all rules, uncomfortable pews and boring sermons, it’s so much more than that. It’s about living a life filled with love and joy and peace. In some ways, this feeling can add pressure for me, because I don’t want to deter people!

Do you celebrate in the same way?

Of course! We open presents, have stockings, eat loads of food and put a carrot out for Ruldoph. But for us, Christmas is more than just that; it’s a real celebration, reminding us of God’s love and grace.

Let me know if you’d be interested for me to share more on this topic. It’s something I really enjoy discussing. If you have anymore questions I’d be happy to answer them in the comments!

Lots of love and merry Christmas!

Hope x






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