Christmas Jumpers Inspiration

Countdown to Christmas: 8

Hey there! Today I have a selection of Christmas jumpers to inspire you this season. I think they’re all super cute! I’ve presented them in order of festive-ness, from OTT-OMG-Christmas-is-life-Yayyy to the I-like-Christmas-but-hate-Christmas-jumpers. So you’ll hopefully find the right inspiration for you, no matter your style 🙂


  1. The most Christmassy from my selection. I know it’s relatively tame, I want sweaters to be wearable. This is super cute, and not too embarrassing!


2. This has to be one of my faves. It’s very classic and looks super comfy 🙂


3. So cute! I feel like this is an all-round winter sweater, you could probably pull it off way into January. This would be a really sweet present as well.


4. This one is so beautiful. It definitely shouts “Christmas”, but somehow manages to stay quite sophisticated, delicate and feminine looking.

5. This geometric pattern is so gorgeous. I love the colours too. It looks to be a little more upmarket than some of the others, so a great alternative if you want to show your festive side and not look too cheesy.


6. The brown shade here is a little more subtle, I also love the stag design. Anything Christmassy with stags is a winner for me, even if it has nothing to do with Christmas!


7. Here come the sequins! Haha, sequins are usually a no-no for me, however I really love this sweater. Again, it could probably be worn throughout winter as well.


8. Finally this gorgeous number from Asos. This jumper was my favourite from Zoella’s recent Christmas Jumper Haul. It is on the bright side, but I think the Christmas tree elbow pads are so cute!

love my Xmas jumpers!

What’s your favourite Christmas jumper? I’d love to know! Have an awesome day and merry Christmas! See you tomorrow!

Hope x






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