‘Dear Fat People’ Response

You’ve probably heard of Nicole Arbour’s ‘Dear Fat People’ video that she posted on Youtube last week. It drew A LOT of attention and really stirred up controversy, so here’s my response. 1442004683_nicole-arbour-lg

Firstly, this Jenna Marbles wannabe is not funny. Her satirical humour is frankly off-putting, especially as it is directed to other people whom she doesn’t even know. The video’s core message has a good point, but her delivery is ALL wrong. This has certainly worked to conjure up some controversy, but if you REALLY want to help people with weight issues, definitely find a different approach.
“Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up”
Okay, first of all, fat shaming is totally a thing. We don’t have the right to judge, let alone shame, anyone for the way they look. But it does happen, we can’t deny that.
Are weight issues always the fault, the lack of self discipline, of the individual? Or should society take responsibility for this obesity epidemic?
We should not feel guilty that we’re drawn to burgers, pizza, chocolate and other calorie dense foods. Why? Because biologically, it makes perfect sense. In the wild, eating the most calories for the least amount of effort is most preferable. The problem arises when there are too many sources of unhealthy fats and sugars, and with our lifestyles becoming more sedentary, we don’t require as many calories.
“Are you gonna tell the doctor that they’re being mean and fat shaming you when they say you have F****** heart disease?”
Where this girl really has a point is that many people live in denial of their weight issues and ignore all attempts of addressing them by labelling it as “fat shaming”.
Rising levels of obesity is something that seriously needs to be addressed in our society.
However, we do not have the right to judge or shame anyone. Nobody. You have no idea what they’re going through to make them the way they are. Instead of having an condescending attitude, we need to turn it into an attitude of love and acceptance.
Does love mean that we should encourage people to live exactly how they want, even though they may be harming themselves? No. That is not true love. We have a responsibility to help others to help themselves. We should not shame them until they change, stop pointing the finger and start educating them.
I know I don’t have the right to judge her, so maybe I’m being hypocritical but I disagree with Nicole Arbour’s ‘Dear Fat People’ video. Obesity is on the rise, so we should address this issue and teach people how to care for their health. But do this out of love and acceptance, not out of condescending hatred.
Your can’t hate yourself into a version of yourself that you’ll accept. 
I’d be really interested to hear about your opinion on this issue. Where do you stand in the argument between body positivity and health?
Have an amazing day, and remember that you are beautiful and worthy, no matter your weight.
Hope x

2 thoughts on “‘Dear Fat People’ Response

  1. Good post. Fat Shaming IS a thing SHE CALLED IT ‘FAT-SHAMING’ and described it so how can it not be a thing!? I think the issue people have is that its not her place to speak so candidly on an issue like this because unlike other comics like Ricky Gervais etc she has no experience of perspective on the subject. Also her brand of comedy has potential but my God its sloppy! She’s like the comic equivalent of an overly enthusiastic boxer; the passion is obviously there but she leaves herself so open to counters in everything she says. Honestly the response vids have been great.
    As I say great post and like with anything hating on someone and making them feel bad will only make their issue worse. Have just made my own post about the vid and Nicole’s intentions behind it and would love to get your thoughts if your at all interested.

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