Summer Holiday Drugstore Beauty Haul

FullSizeRender-38Hello beautiful 🙂 as you know, I spent a month in the UK during the summer. I couldn’t wait for this opportunity to splash out and purchase some great skincare and makeup products. Here are my selection of drugstore purchases, enjoy!


FullSizeRender-32Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion: If you’re like me and have very pale skin, the selection of summer’s fake tanning products can be daunting! I actually purchased this product two years ago and I still love it. It’s a very hydrating lotion that leaves your skin feeling silky and smelling amazing. It’s tanning properties are extremely subtle, so you don’t have to worry about turning orange! I would really recommend this one.

FullSizeRender-34Simple Soothing Facial Toner: This one’s another repurchase. I really love Simple products and unfortunately we can’t get them in Germany 😦 This leaves your skin feeling smooth and toned, it doesn’t have an aroma so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

FullSizeRender-35Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturising Mask: I’ve tried one of the face masks
from Superdrug before, but I found it extremely harsh and irritating on my skin. Thankfully I discovered this one! It has a milky texture and fresh aroma and leaves the skin feeling supple, nourished and super soft 🙂

FullSizeRender-33Nuage Facial Scrub:  I hadn’t come across this brand before, but was attracted by the simple ingredients, its claim to be mild for the skin, and the price (99p in Bodycare!!). Exfoliation is good for the skin, but I’ve learned from experience that over scrubbing is not a good idea. I am a big fan of this scrub, it’s not too grainy and leaves the skin feeling amazing. I use this a couple times per week.

Rimmel WFullSizeRender-36ake Me Up Concealer: I’d heard great reviews of this product, and I have to say that I understand why people have been raving about it. I use the tone 010 Ivory, and I find that it really blends into my skin well whilst giving great coverage. I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a trustworthy concealer.

FullSizeRender-37Sunkissed Eye Palette and Bronzer: And last but not least I picked up this palette from Primark. It was such a bargain and I love the colours. They aren’t super pigmented, but I think the tones are a perfect staple for all year round, the slight shimmer also adds to the summery glow 🙂

So those are all my beauty purchases from my summer holiday in the UK. I hope you enjoyed this selection and maybe feel inspired. I would love to know what you’re favourite beauty products are so that I can check them out when I’m next over there. Lots of love,

Hope x


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