So last week I went vegetarian…

Hey guys, this is a bit more of a personal post. A while ago I wrote a post describing why I don’t eat red meat. I stopped consuming the meat of cows, pigs and lambs in April, and I want to share with you today why I’ve decided to take this next step and cease eating meat all together.

I wouldn't eat a dog, so why should I eat a pig?
I wouldn’t eat a dog, so why should I eat a pig?

To be honest, I have been thinking about vegetarianism for quite a while. But there had always been things holding me back. Would I miss the taste of meat? Would there be enough options for me in restaurants? Will I get all the nutrients I require? And most importantly, how much of an inconvenience would this be for my family?

I’ve done a large amount of research into the meat industry, and it has horrified me. Just a wee disclaimer; I’m not telling you to become veggie, I simply want to share my knowledge and experience with you guys. It all came to a climax one evening when I watched a speech by Gary Yourofsky, and although he is pretty extreme in his views, it was a real slap in the face for me. I couldn’t sleep for hours. I like to think of myself as quite a caring person, but how can I say that if I support the torture and slaughter of innocent animals? I wouldn’t kill a pig if someone put it in front of me, so why should I pay someone else to do that?

So, I’ve summarised my main reasons for becoming vegetarian into 3 categories:

Animal Welfare: In today’s meat industry, farms are factories and animals are treated like commodities. I find it appalling and simply unnecessary. There is no humane way to slaughter a living being, period. I don’t want to support this cruelty any longer.

Environment: The meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all of the world’s transport systems combined. By becoming vegetarian, you can decrease your greenhouse gas emissions by 27.8%. Rainforests are being destroyed to make space for cattle grazing, and a huge amount of water and grain is required to feed the animals bred for meat. If we gave that grain to people instead, poverty could be eradicated- easily.

Health: Vegetarians live on average 10yrs longer than meat eaters. And yes, you can get enough protein from plant sources. As long as you’re eating a balanced diet, all your nutrients can easily be obtained from plants.

A vegetarian meal that I made: cous cous salad with grilled halloumi :P
A vegetarian meal that I made: cous cous salad with grilled halloumi 😛

After educating myself about the realities of the meat industry, I personally feel that it is wrong of me to support this. So how has it been going so far? It’s taken some time for my family to warm to the idea, but they’re starting to accept my decision to be veggie on the condition that I continue to eat fish until the end of the year. So far I don’t miss meat at all. Unfortunately, where I live there are almost no vegetarian fake-meats like Quorn, but I have recently discovered halloumi, a type of salty-tasting cheese with a meat-like texture, and I love it!

Let me know what your opinion is. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me 🙂 Have an awesome day,

Hope x


5 thoughts on “So last week I went vegetarian…

  1. I have been thinking about going veggie for a good few years now, but the main holdback for me was how much it would be inconvenient for my family. When I go out to eat I have no problems, I usually go vegetarian then as I often have a non meat pasta or salad or something, so I find there is more than enough options for me.

    I am huge, and I mean HUGE on caring for animals as you would the same as a human. And I agree with you, why should you kill pigs/cows/chickens if you wouldn’t do the same to a dog/cat.

    I only eat chicken, and I don’t go anywhere near red meats ever. I don’t actually like the tastes of any meat, and I’d much prefer not to eat it. So I just fall in with my family.

    I’d really like to go veggie, and now I think I’m going to! Thank you for that last push of motivation that I needed!

    Maybe you could do a post on vegetarian meal ideas? 🍵

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    1. That’s great! I’m really proud of you. I was sooo worried about inconveniencing my family, but so far it really hasn’t been a problem. I’ve started cooking more meals and have recently discovered some fake-meats to try. I’m sure if you approach the subject in a calm and educated way then you’re parents will understand. I’m sure they only want what’s best for you. I recommend checking out some youtubers like Essena ONeill and her Tips for Vegan Beginners video ( (even though she’s vegan, it’s a good message). And I’ll definitely do a post on veggie meals in the future! xx

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      1. Wow! You’re really helpful!! I’m over at my Grandma & Grandad’s at the moment with my brother & Mum. We have been talking about vegetarianism as my Grandad is a vegetarian. I’m definitely going to become a vegetarian now! I feel so motivated to do it, and mostly because of this blog post. I’ll check out Enessa’s video in a bit. I think lots of people would benefit from some veggie meals posts, and if I manage to do it soon enough, we could possibly collab on it? Only if you wanted to of course, but all depending on timing. Any way, thank you so much for being so motivational!! 💘🙈

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