Get Ready With Me: Beach Day

Hi there 🙂 Since the sun has been shining, I thought I would head down to the beach. I can’t wait to share my day with you, come get ready with me! Enjoy 🙂


– – Make up – –

Step 1 is make up. I don’t anything clogging up my pores so I’m going for a natural summery look. I’m using some bronzer and the lightest shade from my Sunkissed FullSizeRender-23palette as highlighter to define my cheekbones. Then I’m taking a wash of the golden colour (second from right bottom row) over my eyelids, before adding a little of the white shade into the corners of my eyes. Finishing off with Maybelline’s Classic Volume Express mascara in brown to add natural-looking length to my lashes.

– – Hair – –

I’m putting my hair up in a wrap-around crown braid so that it’s out of my face aFullSizeRender-22nd won’t blow around if it’s windy at the beach. To do this, start with a french braid but only add in more pieces of hair from the bottom strand, slowly work your way around your head, incorporating all the hair, then secure with bobby pins. I did this quite loosely to give a casual feel (try to hide the pins better than me!!).

– – Outfit – –

FullSizeRender-17I’ve chosen to wear a lightweight white summer dress (C&A) with comfy blue flip-flops (local shoe store). I also have my sunglasses (Madonna) and beach bag (H&M). I bought my bikini last year from
H&M, it was originally white, but turned pink when it was accidentally put in a coloured wash! So this summer I bought some clothes dye and dyed it light blue (and I love it!).

– – At the beach – – 

The weather was so FullSizeRender-20gorgeous down at the beach today! It was even warm enough to go for a refreshing swim. As we’d had a large breakfast, I packed a light picnic lunch to snack on at the beach.



I had a great day at the beach, thanks for coming along and getting ready with me! Let me know if you like this slightly different style of post. I wish you an awesome day, lots of love.

Hope x


8 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me: Beach Day

    1. thank you! xx I’ve always had totally straight hair, and I find it pretty boring because curls will just drop out and if I straighten it it looks the same haha. Thanks for introducing me to your blog, it looks awesome! xx

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