Motivate Yourself to Work Out! 10 Tips

86f68445e3b8f371e8e7285c005ed59fYes, summer is here, I’ve been waiting all year to have the time and weather to work out and… wait why am I still lying on the sofa eating chips?

Sound familiar? Yep, I am no fitness role model. I used to be pretty sporty but with so little time and energy I’ve become lazy with doing exercise. But now is time for a change. I want to get this back under control. Here I’ve compiled a list of tips to make the daunting task of working out simple and fun!

  1. Create a routine: This is one of the most important things to do. It takes 21 days to start a habit, right? If working out becomes a habit it will get so much easier. Find out what time suits you best; early in the morning? Before dinner?

    Here I am finishing 3k in a competition in Copenhagen. I completed it here in 13m03sec, and the first time I ran this distance I took 17mins! This just shows how much you can improve through training.
    Here I am finishing 3k in a competition in Copenhagen. I completed it here in 13m03sec, and the first time I ran this distance I took 17mins! This just shows how much you can improve through training.

    Set an alarm on your phone and lay out your clothes so you don’t forget!

  2. Start with something low intensity that’s easy to maintain, then build it up: When my anxiety and depression got really bad, I had no energy to run anymore. Instead, I started doing yoga videos on Youtube. It’s lower intensity, but it’s great for muscle strength and flexibility. My favourite Youtubers for yoga are Yoga with Adriene and Madeleine Shaw. Another alternative is pilates, I recommend Blogilates on Youtube. You can also start by walking, then introduce interval running, before switching to running.
  3. Create a board of motivational quotes on Pinterest: This can be really helpful in encouraging you to work out. You can check out my Sport Pinterest board if you’re interested.
  4. Work out with a friend: It can be much more fun to exercise together. Decide to meet up once or twice a week to go to the gym, or instead of meeting to catch up over coffee, why not go for a run together instead?
  5. Document your progress: Write down how you feel after every workout, this is great to convince you to get out the door! Why not time yourself doing a certain activity, and write down your improvements. 599e4e825c7c8553e1ebb8991201d599
  6. Buy new workout clothes: You won’t be able to wait bursting out the door in your new kit! I love buying new running shoes, it works well to motivate me.
  7. Remind yourself of the benefits of exercise: Write a list and stick it on your mirror. Examples include; boost endorphins, cardiovascular health, muscle gain, fat loss, improve mental health etc.
  8. Create a list of short and long-term goals: This is a great way to document your progress and motivate yourself to work out. You could also enter competitions or races, to motivate you to train for them!
  9. Music and fitness apps: Create an upbeat music playlist to listen to when you work out. I also use the Runtastic app, it tracks your speed and how far you run, so that you can compare your performance.
  10. Keep a postive mindset: Don’t beat yourself up when you skip a session! Reward yourself when you work out. You could put 50cent into a money jar after every workout.

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips and feel somewhat inspired to work out! My work out routine is mainly comprised of running, swimming and yoga. Let me know what sort of things you do to exercise!

Thanks so much for all the love and support, it means a lot to me ❤

Hope x


2 thoughts on “Motivate Yourself to Work Out! 10 Tips

  1. I find that the momentum that builds when you know you’re doing something good for yourself ends up snowballing into a much greater habit. For example, as a runner, we all need some strength training to prevent injury and get faster. Fact. By making a “3 gym sessions per week” rule, I’ve gotten myself back into the mindset that it’s essential, part of the routine (hello #1!) and I love how I feel as a result. Just by making the effort to do something good, there’s a much greater net positive effect than on paper.

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