25 Things to do when you’re bored

Bored? Yep, I know the feeling. We spend the whole semester looking forward to the holidays and when they come we don’t know what to do with ourselves, right? I’ve compiled a list of creative, fun and random ideas to inspire you when you don’t know what to do! Enjoy 🙂 Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 15.51.13

  1. paint a nebula 
  2. watch the stars (online)
  3. learn origami
  4. google lol catz
  5. do a photoshoot
  6. take a bubble bath
  7. watch random youtube videos
  8. Bake a chocolate chip mug cookie 
  9. go on freerice.com; learn new things whilst donating food to those who need it!
  10. watch penguins live
  11. make a time capsule
  12. choreograph a dance routine to your favourite song
  13. Make a mount of pretty sand online
  14. find a pen pal
  15. paint your nails
  16. reorganise your room
  17. write an anonymous compliment to someone
  18. learn how to do a handstand
  19. make a smoothie
  20. write a letter to your future self and don’t open it for 10 years
  21. prank call someone
  22. Write a song/poem
  23. Put your music on shuffle then test yourself to see whether you can guess the song and artist correctly
  24. Make a collage
  25. Write a list of things to do when you’re bored

Hope you found this interesting and that you’re no longer bored! Love you lots and lots,

Hope x


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