Summer Holiday Haul

FullSizeRender-16Hello my lovelies ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just enjoyed a week of holiday in the sun, and I’d love to share with you some of the things I have picked up recently.

  1. Zara Striped Dress:ย I picked this one up a few weeks ago, I really love it. It was a bargain, and perfect for the warmer weather. I like to dress it up with a black blazer, or dress it down with a pale pink cardigan.ย FullSizeRender-17
  2. H&Mย Skater Skirt:ย I know these skirts are a bit last year, but I really love this simple one. Great for warmer days and it goes with most things.ย FullSizeRender-18
  3. Gold Patterned Photoframe:ย This was another bargain which I bought simply because it looks so pretty! I can’t wait to put a photo inside.FullSizeRender-21
  4. Feather Pattered Mug:ย I just love everything about this mug. As you may know, I am quite a big tea-addict. I’m the sort of person who assigns different mugs for different types of tea or coffee. This feather pattern really caught my eye, as well as being beautiful, the large size is perfect for me, and I really like the insides of mugs to be white so that I can see the shade of the drink. Is that weird? haha.FullSizeRender-23
  5. Sandals:ย I really like these decorative sandals. I think they’re really pretty, plus they’re quite comfy too.ย FullSizeRender-20
  6. Essence Yellow Nail Polish: As you may or may not know, I always go for subtle, nude or turquoise nail polishes. So this year I decided to do something crazy and buy a bright yellow (seen on my toenails in previous pic). I’m not sure about wearing it on my fingernails, but I have to say that I love this summer shade for my toes!FullSizeRender-25
  7. Twisted Hair Tie: I’ve seen a lot of these around the place, and I have to say that they do keep your hair up really well, especially in a bun. When I found this one for 50 cents I was so happy! haha.FullSizeRender-24

I hope you enjoyed this quick haul post, let me know what you think. I wish you an awesome day and an amazing summer! Lots of love,

Hope x


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