DIY Lip Scrub

FullSizeRender-15Hello again, today I’d love to share with you my simple DIY Lip Scrub recipe. This cute item can be a lovely present for someone, or a treat for yourself! Having never owned a lip scrub myself, I looked around and was surprised at the prices of many lip scrubs in different stores. I therefore decided to create my own recipe for exfoliating and moisturising chapped lips 🙂

You will need:

  • FullSizeRender-101.5tsp Granulated sugar (I chose brown, but you can also use white)
  • 1tsp Coconut oil
  • A scent of your choice (I used peppermint essence. You could alternatively use; vanilla, lavender, eucalyptus or anything that takes your fancy)
  • Optional Extra: Eyeshadow (this can be used if you want to include some pigment, or sparkles, in your lip scrub)

Let’s get started:

  1. Firstly, place the coconut oil in a dish. Coconut oil is perfect because it is solid at room temperature, but has a very low melting point so it will melt onto your lips (mine is a tad liquid at the moment as the weather has been extremely hot here!)FullSizeRender-11
  2. Then stir in your sugar to make a paste.FullSizeRender-12
  3. Add a couple drops of your chosen scent. My peppermint essence is very strong, so I diluted it in a small amount of water. FullSizeRender-13
  4. Pack your lip scrub into a little empty pot then leave in the fridge for 30mins and voila! FullSizeRender-14

I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY, let me know what you think! I wish you all an amazing day. Stay positive 🙂

Hope x

Quick Update: How have you been enjoying the summer so far? I went away for a week with my family and had an awesome time 🙂 The weather has been so hot here (39°C) and I’m really not used to it! Tomorrow I’m flying to the UK for a monthlong internship, which I’m excited, but also nervous about! I’ve so far completed 6 things on my summer bucket list (if you read my last post) and I can’t wait to do more! I also want to thank you guys so much for supporting me, I’ve reached 50 followers, which I know might not seem many to some, but I am so happy and grateful 🙂 Love you all so much! x


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