Summer 2015 Bucket List

Hello my lovelies! Today I’m going to share with you my bucket list for this summer. Since my summer break begins officially today (yeay!!:D) I though it was a good time to talk about the things I aim to do this summer and to hopefully inspire you too! You probably know those days during summer vacation when all your friends are away and you’re bored with nothing to do, right? Well, that’s one reason why I love making a list of fun activities to complete before school/work starts again. 🙂 enjoy!Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 15.39.24

  1. Have a tech free day
  2. Walk my dog to the beach
  3. Make popsicles
  4. Cook a meal
  5. Go on a run
  6. Go swimming
  7. Learn a new piano piece
  8. Try a new food
  9. Paint my nails
  10. Draw/paint a picture
  11. Write a letter
  12. Buy a disposable camera
  13. Make a collage
  14. Do some yoga
  15. Make play-dough
  16. Watch a new movie
  17. Buy a big white pj shirt and tie-dye it
  18. Meet up with friends

I hope you found this interesting and inspiring! I like to make my bucket-lists relatively achievable, as you’ve probably noticed, because I love being able to actually complete them by the end of summer! Let me know what you’re plans and aims for summer are this year 🙂

Lots of love,

Hope x

Quick Update: How have you been doing? I’m really relieved that my exams are all over and that vacation has finally begun! I’m doing a month-long placement in a university over the summer, which I’m looking forward to, but am also pretty apprehensive about! I really hope that I can manage to control my depression and anxiety. Make sure you take plenty of time over the summer to fully relax and pamper yourself! I also wanted to quickly share with you this awesome random site that I recently discovered, where you can paint really cool nebulas when you’re bored (click here) 🙂 Have an awesome day ❤


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