Why I Don’t Eat Red Meat

Hello again! How are you doing today? I’d love to share with you the reasons that I gave up red meat and became a pesco-pollo vegetarian. I’ve been doing this for over 3 months now and I’m really happy that I’ve made this change to my diet.

Just look how cute we are! ❤

Before I start I would just like to say that yes, I believe chickens and fish have feelings too. Ideally in the future I would love to become fully vegetarian, or switch to a plant-based diet, but for now I’m taking it in small steps. I believe that cutting out red meat is better than not doing anything at all.

  1. Animal Welfare: this was a big factor for me when I made my decision to stop consuming red meat. I feel like the treatment of the animals is something that we prefer to ignore when eating our steaks and sausages. Just go on Youtube and see how cows, sheep and pigs who are bred for meat are treated. I am a big animal lover, and it kind of made my burger look less appetising after I’d educated myself about where it came from.
  2. Environment: red meat production creates the most CO2 pollution of any type of meat. 53 gallons of drinking water also goes into producing one quarter-pound hamburger. If we all switched to other meat alternatives, less trees would be cut down to create grazing pastures, and the grain used to feed the cattle could be given to people instead.
  3. Health: another factor that I took into consideration was my own health. Red meat is the leat healthy of all meat types, all the nutrients it contains can also be obtained from other sources. Consuming red meat increases your risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. A study at Harvard found a link between meat consumption and decreased life-span as well!
  4. Taste: when I asked myself what my first step should be to becoming more vegetarian, it seemed pretty obvious that I should give up red meat due to my personal taste preferences. I’d much prefer to eat chicken or fish than steak or lamb for example.

I hope you found this interesting and maybe learned something new. Personally, I didn’t find the transition that hard at all. We don’t tend to eat a massive amount of red meat at home, and there are always alternatives at restaurants. I did miss salami quite a lot at the start, but the longer I go without eating red meat, the less it actually appeals to me. If you’re considering giving up red meat or becoming vegetarian, make sure that you are getting sufficient nutrients from other sources, like protein and iron for example.

Hope x

Quick Update: sorry I haven’t been posting for a while my lovelies, I have exams beginning on Thursday 😦 I also got bitten by a mosquito on Friday and the bite has swollen up so much! I think I’m allergic :/ Apart from constantly applying Fenistil, I’ve been enjoying the sunshine and plenty of coffee  🙂 love you all xx


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