Happiness: 15 Things to Start Doing More

  1. Drink more water and green tea: try to drink around 8 cups of water a day. Staying hydrated is so important for; healthy skin, brain function, good digestion and more! Green tea is great for detoxing your body and boosting metabolism.
  2. Go for a walk/run: perfect for de-stressing and boosting endorphins 🙂
  3. Read a book: improve your memory, knowledge, concentration and language abilities. Stuck for something to read? I recommend checking out the Good Reads website for relevant reading suggestions.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others: How many times have we heard this one right? But it’s so important to remind yourself that you don’t need to be doing what everyone else is doing.
  5. Try yoga or mindfulness: Both of these have really helped me handle stress and improve my general happiness. I use the Calm app, which is great for guided meditation.
  6. Stop procrastinating! Yeah I know, this isn’t always easy. Try making lists and breaking down work into 40 minute chunks in order to get more done.
  7. Eat more natural foods: not only can processed foods put you more at risk of illness, they can also affect your mood. Check out my post on how to make a Healthy Smoothie for some inspiration on how to pack in more fruit and veg 🙂
  8. Try something new: step out of your comfort zone! Make a bucket list of all the things you’ve ever wanted to do, and start ticking them off!
  9. Put on your favourite music and rock out: We all need to do this now and again! Let go of worries and just ef3ef8075f2194771f27ca35fe74936bbe a little more crazy 🙂
  10. Keep your work space tidy: this will help you to feel less overwhelmed and more productive
  11. Have a clear out of things you don’t need: I’m certainly guilty of hoarding useless junk, but it always feels so great to have a spring clean and get things in order again.
  12. Go outside more, switch off from the Internet: *gasp*, yes we all know we should do this, right? Going on a full Internet detox may seem a little drastic, but starting with turning off your phone an hour before bed, or on Sunday afternoons for example, can be really great. Engage with people face to face and appreciate the nature around you!
  13. Make a list of goals: have a focus that you’re striving towards. This will help your days feel less monotonous, giving to more of a tangible purpose.
  14. Send an anonymous compliment: a little post-it note or letter can really make someone’s day. You know that really awesome person who you’re really thankful for? Go tell them!
  15. Smile more: smiling releases endorphins and reduces stress and anxiety levels 🙂

I hope you feel inspired by these simple tips to bring more positivity into your everyday life 🙂 Any more suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

Hope x


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