Soft silver words slide over me,

Your deep velvet voice like silk,

Soothing the hollow spaces of my corpse,

Filling the cavities of my heart


I am but a paper skeleton,

A decaying ruin,

A splinter of the scenery

I have been waiting here so long for you,

To breathe life into my shattered soul


You are my purpose,

My single desire

Your silken voice caresses me,

Bathes my body in silver moonlight


The soft strum of your vocal chords,

A lullaby of snowy sheets

Transport me to another world,

Where we can live together in peace


A symphony of silken sounds

Sweep between your lips like smoke

Stroke my sorrowful stony ears

A melody of spoken words


Your words like silent sparkling stars

Ignite the blanket of noise over this world

My safety, my security

I sink into the pools of your voice


Pirouetting silhouettes of silent swans

Your strong voice envelops my soul

And I succumb to a soft slumber

To see your face again my love, I would wait forever

Hope x

Hey there 🙂 so I love poetry. There are poems inside of me that words can’t handle. I thought I’d share this little one with you, I’ve written it from the perspective of a wife mourning the absence of her husband, a soldier. The couple has only had the telephone as means of communication for the last two years, and she now writes him a letter.

I know this post was a wee bit different to normal. Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think 🙂 love you x


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