Healthy Smoothie: Great Way to Start the Day!

Hi, today I’d love to share with you some ideas of how to make a delicious and healthy smoothie! I love to drink a smoothie for breakfast at the weekend, it’s so energising and really helps me focus when studying, plus it’s super simple to make (and did I mention, tastes amazing!).

I don’t usually follow a recipe when making a smoothie, it really just depends on what’s in the fridge. Here is what I included in mine this morning, you can also add natural yogurt (for calcium and protein), nuts (protein) or oats (carbohydrate and fibre).

  • photo 1-3banana (rich in vitamin C, potassium)
  • pear (good source of vitamin C and B6, potassium)
  • blueberries (vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese)
  • grapes (vitamin C, vitamin K)
  • cucumber (vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorous)
  • rocket (vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium)
  • lettuce (thiamin, vitamin B6)

Adding a few drops of lemon juice or some grated fresh ginger can also really bring out the flavour.

photo 2-4Add your softest/wettest ingredients into the blender first, then add the others on top. I also added a splash of orange juice and half a cup of water to get the right consistency. I put some frozen raspberries and frozen assorted tropical fruits into my smoothie as well. I find using frozen fruits a great idea, because not only are they cheaper than fresh fruits, and help to chill your drink, but they are available all year round. Meaning that you can have great tasting smoothies in winter!

Now blend it all up and voila! Enjoy 🙂

Hope x photo 4


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